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IoT-based Home Appliances: An Overview

Amar Deep Nishad, Amit Kumar, Ashish Bhargav, Anand Singh


The internet of things (IoT), the next-generation internet, gives people a comfortable way of life by managing and interacting with remote controls for household appliances. With standards expanding primarily for wireless communication between devices and gadgets in human life, commonly referred to as things, to aim a product using the standard technology that will be useful to the lives of others, is a huge contribution to society. IoT-based home appliances can be easily managed from a distance, making it a must-know and interesting technology and business opportunity. The microcontroller to be used in the prototype is NodeMCU Esp8266 making use of the electrical appliances of the home that can be controlled and managed.


Internet of Things (IoT), home automation, ESP8266, fan regulator, Blynk App

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