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Real-time Crop Monitoring Using Internet of Things

C. Vinay Kumar, D. Srinivasa Rao


IoT has been deployed in cities, and it is already playing an important role in transforming agriculture from such a manual process to an automated and remotely controlled one. New developments within Internet of Things and changes in agriculture have helped satellite agriculture and prepare farmers for the challenges of precision and sustainable agriculture. Data may be collected remotely from a wide variety of sensors put in the field thanks to the Internet of Things. Bug population density, pest detection, and crop growth are a few of the sensors that may be used on soil. IoT and smart phones allow farmers to monitor their farms from afar. Nodes in wireless sensor networks are used to gather environmental data and information; send data to both the ZigBee server node afterwards. When the central node receives and processes all of the gathered data. Farm operations may be monitored and controlled using microcontrollers. To get a better idea of how things are going in the field, cameras are set up. Thanks to smartphones, farmers can monitor their fields at any time and from anywhere. A farmer's workload is reduced, productivity is increased, money and time are saved and the ability to automate agricultural processes and monitor them from a distance is provided through the Internet of Things. A variety of typical agricultural IoT sensor monitoring network applications are examined in this research, which aims to provide a solid foundation for future smart agriculture using cloud computing.


Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, agriculture monitoring, irrigation, routing protocol, pest control, crop productivity, precision agriculture

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