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Analysis of Various Tools of Natural Language Processing Based on Developers Perspective

Jatin Tak, Atrakesh Pandey


The subject of natural language method has visible mind-blowing development in current years, with neural network community substitution numerous of the traditional structures. A subset of artificial intelligence known as “natural language processing”, or NLP, analyses, comprehends, and generates natural human languages so that computers can reuse written and spoken human language without resorting to computer-generated language. Semantics and syntax are used in natural language processing, which is sometimes referred to as “computational linguistics”, to assist computers comprehend how people speak and write and how to derive meaning from what they say. In text to speech or speech to text, signature recognition, language detection and translation between natural language are enhanced in past two decades. Sequence prediction by taking input as sequences of amino acids can be used. We have a tendency to suggest a unified neural specification and gaining knowledge of algorithmic rule that is capable of be implemented to numerous natural language method obligations. During this survey paper, we have a tendency to study at the technique of appearing on a file with voice commands (speech to textual content). This survey paper analyses the various tools used of natural language processing based on developer perceptive. In future perspective, there are many scopes on enhancement in natural language processing technique and there deployment in science and society.


Natural language processing, digital assistant, computer-generated language, human computer interfaces, speech reputation

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