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IoT-based Edge Computing Will Breach Data or Make Life Simpler

Bijendra Singh Khangarot, Abhishek Dadhich


Security is critical in today’s world since we have sensitive and confidential data that we do not want to share with anyone, yet adversaries attack our data and steal our identities. Similarly, with Internet of things (IoT), attackers attack devices or communication networks and steal data. Regardless of the source of the data, most current systems for cloud-supported, edge-data analytics employ rigorous bottom-up analytics approaches. Data are frequently generated at the infrastructure’s edge and then moved to the cloud, where traditional data analytics techniques are used. With the increase in fog computing and related edge computing paradigms such as multi-access edge computing (MEC) and cloudlet, possible solutions for coping with the massive volume of security-critical and time-sensitive data created by IoT are emerging. With this article, we will go through all of the dangers and security challenges in IoT.


Edge computing, IoT, security introduction, MEC, authentication, data breach

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