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Analysis of FSO Communication System under different weather conditions by incorporating Pre and Post Optical Amplifier

Pardeep Kumar, Poonam Singhal



FSO Communication is currently needed for the modern era because of high channel capacity and bandwidth. FSO is a line of sight; license free and low-cost technology which makes it preferred over radio frequency communication and other wireless technologies. In this paper, the first part tells about the introduction of the FSO system, its advantages, disadvantages and applications. The second part will discuss the atmospheric attenuation caused by different weather conditions, i.e. rain, snow, fog, etc. The third part of this paper informs about the proposed design of the FSO system. We have designed two 10 Gbps FSO systems by employing optical amplifiers and presented an analysis of the proposed FSO systems with different weather conditions from a distance of 9 Km. 

Keywords: Attenuation, BIR, FSO, Q-factor

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Pardeep Kumar, Poonam Singhal. Analysis of FSO Communication System under Different Weather Conditions by Incorporating Pre and Post Optical Amplifier. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2019; 9(2): 16–24p.


FSO, Attenuation, BER, Q-factor.

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