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Use of ICT in Language Teaching and Library

Pratiksha V. Gulaskar, N. M. Jadhav, R. N. Indhe


Library experts need particular data tools (Information Communication Technology) for everyday schedule tasks just as for exploration and scholastic exercises. The most recent gadgets for data correspondence innovation have brought about the quick dissemination of information and have changed the data taking care of exercises in examination and scholarly libraries in India. Examination and scholastic libraries, generally connected with colleges and exploration organizations as focuses of library administrations, have hugely improved with the speedy changes in data correspondence innovation. The rise of recent library advances in ICT has opened up better approaches for collecting, controlling and distributing logical and specialized data. Exploration and scholastic libraries have as of now changed their standard assignments by utilizing compelling and productive data correspondence advances to heighten and coordinate their electronic assets and administrations. Finally, administrators of school and exploration libraries must update their knowledge and skills of innovation in data and correspondence (ICT) to effectively carry out their job of being accountable for library approval.


Information communication technology, library, internet, language teaching, libraries security

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