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Airline Reservation System

Niraj Thagunna


An Airline Reservation System is vital on the grounds that it has the solid capacity to diminish blunders that may have happened when utilizing a manual arrangement of reservation and assists speed with increasing the boarding cycle. Carrier reservation system is an electronic framework used to store and recover data and go through with exchanges identified with air travel. The venture is pointed toward uncovering the significance and significance of Airline Reservation Systems. It is projected towards enhancing the relationship between customers and airline agencies through the use of compact and user-friendly Airline Reservation System, and thereby making it feasible for the customers to curate the trips as when they require to such an extent that they can use this product to reserve a spot. Overland Airways has a current Airline Reservation System; however, this paper dissected the issues of the current framework for example. No choice of travelers printing their ticket from the current framework. My motivation for the project came from my enthusiasm and strong urge to learn Java and JavaScript which are the fastest growing technologies in today’s world. The Airline Reservation System project chiefly comprises of two kinds of clients. The clients who access the data given by the site and the manager who alters and updates the data accessible in the site. All the information required for the application is put away as tables in the MySQL worker. It enables the customers to search the available flights, book a ticket, payment and cancel a ticket.


Mobile business, airline reservation, payment, passengers, flight, booking

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