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Brief Study of Cybercrime on an Internet

Prof. Dhaval Chudasama, Raj Singh Deora


Cybercrime is a serious challenge to society and is harmful to the individuals who become victims. This research paper engages analysis of the cybercrimes that target individuals on the internet and also examines the motivation of criminals that perform such attacks which include (e. g phishing, scams), online harassment, identity theft, malware, hacking and denial-of-service crimes. Cybercrime is a threat to today’s internet-dependent society and is a huge growing problem. By research, it is found that people are using online banking, online shopping and online social networking. Digital technology provides benefits and it provides a rich environment for criminal activity to steal an identity to the theft of classified government information, also known as hacking. A few short examples include buying and selling illegal software and malware, hacking of servers, corrupting systems that could cost billions to individuals, organizations, and government. Cybercrime refers to any crime performed using a computer or an electronic device, mainly through the Internet. As the Internet has many opportunities to consume and access information. Cyber-attacks have mainly caused damage to banking using a credit card and payment scams. Remember, while working within a business, each person has to take personal responsibility for ensuring cybersecurity. You have to prioritize risks that are likely to affect and team up to create the strongest defence against cyberattacks. The study identified security measures are required as well as knowledge of the potential dangers of the Internet. Various steps are taken to slow down attacks but unfortunately are not able to achieve success. The reasons for cyber-attacks, 1.Countries having weak cyber securities, 2. Criminals use new technologies to attack, 3. Cybercrime with business schemes. Every human being is connected by using the internet and it makes the world small. Awareness should be spread regarding cyber-crimes and strict punishments should be imposed on cyber criminals so that criminals leave the idea to do any crime. It ought to guarantee that laws shaped should be followed appropriately.


Cybercrime, cyberattacks, cyber security, cyber criminals, Business schemes.

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