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Social Media Intervention in COVID-19

Geetanjali Jangid, Garvit Parakh, Pradeep Jha


According to a scientific theory, a terrible pandemic happens every once in a few years. Like an Example in 1720 "Great plague of Marseille", in 1820 "Cholera pandemic",1920 "Spanish Flu", and 2020 "Corona Virus" and like every time, social media has been playing its role in a special way.Social media creates a virtual world through the Internet which the user can access using any platform of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) etc.Similarly, this time also, social media has brought all kinds of information from door to door in India, which has been closed viz in lockdown for nearly 10 months. Social media is making people aware during the epidemic. The rising outbreak of the corona virus also could not put a break on their working style. Coronavirus is being felt beginning with one individual then onto the following in the world, yet this disease is spreading through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


1. Social Media 2. Epidemics and pandemic 3.COVID-19 diagnostic testing 4.Communication 5.Fear.

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