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Security to Home Automation System

Dayanand *, Aarushi Arya, Wilson Jeberson


Home automation makes our lives easier and safer. We connect multiple devices into a single home network to ease our everyday lives. We are adding more gadgets to our homes everyday, which offer many useful features like monitoring,controlling and optimizing home efficiency and saving more. These gadgets are connected to internet and pass data to internet all the time. Just like any other internet-connected device like your PC,they are vulnerable to the rest of the world. “Virtual PrivateNetwork for Home Automation Systems” provides security to home network from outside threats. VPN secures connection of devices to encrypt all the data they are sending and receiving.While setting up VPN in home network, user may face many problems concerning compatibility of different devices, changing default settings and personalizing the network. These problems could lead to a vulnerable network, which can easily be hacked. This could lead to exposing the whole network, hence privacy invasion. To prevent this, customization of home network is necessary by a professional.The proposed system understands the need of professional assistance while connecting all the devices to home network and setting VPN connection. Customized router and VPN service will be provided to the user, from choosing router and VPN service to complete installation and connectivity, everything will be done by a professional. Regular checking of the systems and yearly examination will be performed by him.Sessions for users of automated homes will also be conducted, talking about threats and how to protect themselves.This system highlights the need of a man to optimize the use of machines.


VPN, automation system, network, wireless router, IoT

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