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Text Mining An Introduction, Technology, Techniques and Applications

A. Linda Sherin, Kousalyadevi B, Dr. A. Finny Belwin, Dr. Antony Selvadoss Thanamani



This work presents a review of text mining areas, as long as the most familiar techniques and technologies are used., Including the proposals depending on the applications. There exits the various methods and devices/technologies to mine the contents and frequent data for future enhancement and decision-making purposes. The correct usage of right techniques helps for the speed enhancement. It reduces the time and efforts to extract useful information. Some of the most frequented text mining applications are cited. We discuss the existing approaches and then we conclude them as they are different and very supportive in nature. In the sense of that they can able to retrieve different information.


Text mining, artificial intelligence, technologies, natural language processing (NLP), pattern extraction, preprocessing, transformation, techniques and steps of text mining

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