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Cloud-Based Smart IoT Integrated Rail Ticketing System

Nalli Vinaya Kumari, G. S. Pradeep Ghantasala


Recovery of Missing Ticket is the main idea for planning this development. I've come to this level. Various things include reports on Railway facts Tickets Fare. The project provided installation for the provision of duplicate tickets at the nearest possible time. To receive a double card, the client must go to the Booking Counter to receive the voucher. Evidence of identity and operation must be given to the client. I wanted to computerize the program to prevent the above issues. Customers get Duplicate Ticket as the QRCode picture as the key benefit of computerized devices. Customers will display a Ticket Checker Photo during the ride. The customer will enter the Mobile Security Number when taking a picture of QRCode. "QUEUE" is one of the biggest obstacles for purchasing our commuter rail tickets at the new ticketing station, Tickets for the metro and mono. We still stand in the queue or buy smart cards in this fast-growing world of technology. This would be annoying to wait at a line or miss our cards at times for our suburban tickets. It's not too Can be used to book several device tickets concurrently for us. Our program's fundamental goal is to delete QUEUE in cards Even on the road through various transit networks such as mono, metro, and railways. We may request the same single fare. We will create a program to ensure you get your ticket at your disposal.

Keywords: Cloud, Smart ticketing, RFID Scanner, QR Code, Missing Ticket

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