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Smart Voice Operated Display System

Aaraadhyaa Khodaria, Apoorva Aggarwal, Akash Goyal, Mridul Gautam, Vedansh Bajaj


AbstractSmart Voice Operated Display is a real-time information display system which is voice controlled in its nature. As an extension to its source of information GSM is also added to its arsenal to make it more usable and versatile in application. The system is made wireless by using a Bluetooth device to communicate between user and the system. Android App delivers the function of Voice Recognition using AI, which converts user voice into text for this user has to give his/her voice command to control the messages displayed on the LED Screen. The Android App then passes these commands to Arduino MEGA. The Microcontroller then receives these commands using Bluetooth Receiver and decoder. Then these commands are further passed on to the rolling display which is made up of Matrix LEDs. Thus, Bluetooth Module, GSM Module, Arduino MEGA and Scrolling Display are the main components used in this Voice Controlled Display.

KeywordsArduino MEGA, Bluetooth Module, GSM, Matrix LED, Scrolling Display, Smart Voice Operated Display.

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Aaraadhyaa Khodaria, Apoorva Aggarwal, Akash Goyal, Mridul Gautam, Vedansh Bajaj. Smart Voice Operated Display System. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2019; 9(2): 88–93p.

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