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Insights to Big Data and Hadoop: An Introductory Review

Deepika Sood, Sukhjinder Kaur, Sunil Kumar Chawla



In today’s era, the availability of a plethora of online products like websites, web-portals, e-commerce sites, social-networking sites, etc. give rise to a collection of extremely large and complex dataset known as Big Data. It has emerged with a huge set of unknown prospects and challenges to deal with gigantic amount of data. Big Data has been extremely popular in current fast paced technologically advancing world and has become the fresh attention seeking field for researchers. To extract valuable information from the enormous amount of data available as Big Data, we first have a need to analyze the data. Big Data ensures that the precise information from the data is generated quickly and offers convenience and benefits to the organizations, researchers, and consumers. This paper focuses on introductory insights and overview of Big Data and Hadoop. Its applications and components like HDFS and Map Reduce are also studied in brief.

Keywords: Big Data, Hadoop, Five Vs, HDFS, Map - Reduce.

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Deepika Sood, Sukhjinder Kaur, Sunil Kumar Chawla. Insights to Big Data and Hadoop: An Introductory Review. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2019; 9(2): 69–75p.

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