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Remote Village Electrification Through Renewable Solar Energy

Ajay Daiya, Pratiksha Jadeja, Sahindra Patel, Kinjal Solanki



Cost of electricity increasing every year by 15-20% . More than 300 million people in India don’t have electricity access due to lack of infrastructure and Geographical condition. Our country is facing shortage of coal and conventional sources of energy is going to by 2025. Sun is non ending source of green clean & independent energy that can be availed for very long time with minimum expense.

The cost of generating electricity through solar energy will come down in a year or two.  For solar power, the levelized cost of electricity was 11.79% more than coal in 2015.  Fossil fuels will become progressively more expensive, primarily due to inflation and increased transportation costs on the other hand solar power is expected to become cheaper. As a result, solar power is expected to be cheaper than imported coal-based power by 2020.

Our main objective of the projects is to fulfill power requirements of remote areas and utilize our system even in urban areas where conventional sources of energy is utilized for producing electricity during power cut.   

Keywords: levelized cost, solar energy, PWM

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Ajay Daiya, Pratiksha Jadeja, Sahindra Patel, Kinjal Solanki. Remote Village Electrification through Renewable Solar Energy. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2019; 9(2): 60–63p.

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