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RFID Based Automatic Billing Trolley

Rajvirsinh Rana, Prashant Devani, Sarju Dadhaniya, Ripal Patel



Nowadays shopping at the mall is becoming a cumbersome process as after purchasing the items one needs to go to the billing counter & there each item is scanned individually through barcode stickers. By using RFID system we can overcome this problem. Each item is equipped with RFID tags and a RFID reader is used to detect the codes on the item and the price of the item is saved into the memory and finally the total bill will be displayed on the LCD screen.

Keywords: MFRC522, RFID Tag, Arduino UNO

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Rajvirsinh Rana, Prashant Devani, Sarju Dadhaniya, Ripal Patel. RFID Based Automatic Billing Trolley. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2019; 9(2): 56–59p.

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