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A Survey on Audio Steganography and Audio Cryptography

Aruna J. Solanki, Pinkal M. Mahant, Binal J. Jadawala



Reliably secure mechanisms are required to protect most untold and blueprint of defense information against vulnerabilities like ID spoofing and unauthorized access to the top most system of a country because of secured access to the Internet and data resources has a high impact in the defense system.  For this purpose techniques related to Cryptography and digital Watermarking have been mostly used. For embedding information into objects such as images, audio signals, and video frames, which can be used for media notation, Copyright protection, integrity authentication, and covert communication, digital watermarking techniques have been proposed in recent years. So, digital watermarking techniques can achieve authoritative digital objects by embedding watermarks. But by doing so, confidentiality is not achieved. In cryptography, encryption standards and digital signatures are used to provide confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity to exchanged images. While comparing the two technologies i.e., encryption and digital water marking first are considered a pre protection mechanism, whereas another can considered as a post control mechanism as the image content is still available for interpretation while the remaining is protected. In this paper, we surveyed the literature in the area of cryptography, steganography, watermarking, etc.

Keywords: Cryptography, steganography, encryption, SVD, DWT

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Aruna J. Solanki, Pinkal M. Mahant, Binal J. Jadawala. A Survey on Audio Steganography and Audio Cryptography. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2019; 9(2): 64–68p.

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