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Intellectual Property Rights in LIS

K. Rajaram, S Jeyachitra, S Jeyachitra, BS Swaroop Rani, BS Swaroop Rani



In the world of intellectual creativity, the rights of the owners of copyright have taken a long time to be understood. The concept of copyright that it is the outcome of the hard labor of a creative person has been difficult for people to understand. Not long ago, people thought that they could use and enjoy the writings of an author, the music of a composer and the paintings of an artist freely without realizing that the creator had to be compensated. In the modern world, where everything has to be acquired by paying some amount of compensation to the owner, the fact that a creative work has also to be paid for is much less understood in developing countries than in advanced countries.

Keywords: History, need for awareness, copyright in India, legislations covering, impact of new technology

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Rajaram K, Jeyachitra S, Swaroop Rani BS. Intellectual property rights in LIS. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2015; 5(3): 44–49p.

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