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User, User Studies and User Education in LIS

K. Rajaram, S Jeyachitra, BS Swaroop Rani



User education is a programme designed and operated by the library/information personnel to teach the users about the resources, the ways to locate the resources and exploit the resources. The user education programmes are to be organised on a regular basis and from time to time. User education range from initiating a fresh user into the library/information system – teaching about the layout of the library, various units and their location, services offered by the library and how he/she can take the best advantage of the library/information system to specialized training in the areas of collecting data, analyzing the same, processing and assimilation.

Keywords: User, user studies, user education

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RajaramK, Swaroop RaniBS, Jeyachitra S.User, User Studies and User Education in LIS. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2015; 5(3): 27–35p.

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