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Analysis of Fractal based Nested Geometries Built on Design Configurations

Sejal Kundalia, Vivek Unadkat, Surabhi Dwivedi



Fractal antenna based on the nested geometries are proposed and designed in this letter. The paper depicts the design optimization of the nested geometries for multi-rate characteristics. The antenna is fed by waveguide port. The design is obtained at the center frequency 3.5 GHz. Moreover the effect various nested elements have been observed in the geometry. The modification in geometry is introduced using pentagonal elements of the patch. The enhancement in the operating bands is observed by above geometry. Operating frequency bands are adjusted by variations in design parameters. Multiband functionality is observed in all the designs presented in this paper. By alterations in the geometry of this antenna various operating frequencies are achieved which are applicable to more than one applications. Gain and Directivity are stabilized to large extent. Improvement in the return loss is observed .These antenna designs are thoroughly simulated on FR-4 substrate with loss tangent 0.025 and dielectric constant 4.3 and analyzed using Computer Simulation Technology Microwave Studio. This antennas find applications in GPS and Wi-max.


Keywords: Fractal antenna, nested geometry, multiband applications

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