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Design and Analysis of I-Slotted Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Application

Kuldeep Kumar Parashar



This paper presents a novel design of an I-slotted patch antenna with compact nature and the study of various antenna parameters. The antenna is fed by the inset-feeding technique. The proposed patch antenna is designed and simulated on IE3D simulation software (Zeland program manager 9.0). The main aim of the proposed work is to design a large-bandwidth antenna with compact size. The proposed microstrip antenna has a wide bandwidth covering the range from 1.444–2.393 GHz. By using simple the inset-feed technique and by introducing I-slotted wide bandwidth of 49.46%, high gain 5dBi and good radiation efficiency of about 99% has been achieved.


Keywords: Rectangular microstrip patch antenna (RMPA), I-shaped,inset feed, wideband and compact patch

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