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Computation of Electromagnetic Energy Flux Due to various Distributions of Oscillating Electric Dipoles

Sudipto Roy, Priyadarshi Majumdar, Melbin Varghese, Soumita Mondal, Debanjan Mookherjee, Anubhav Tirkey



The authors have discussed about the effects of cell phone radiations, its applications along with its adverse effects. In this work we have computed the energy flux received at some specified point (say the human head) due to some simple distributions of dipoles by computing the relevant electric, magnetic fields and finally the Poynting vector. We have shown that although for a symmetric distribution of emitters the energy flux vanishes at the center (which is most unlikely to happen in reality) but certainly for an asymmetric distribution (which is more closure to reality) we may have some resultant energy flux. We have defined a new parameter enhancement ratio and have plotted it with other system parameters relating to the generalized positions of two dipole emitters.


Keywords: cell phone radiation, oscillating dipole, Poynting vector,
enhancement ratio

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