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A Multi-Hop Power Adaptive MAC Protocol using Fuzzy Logic for Wireless Networks

S. L. Prathapa Reddy, M. V. Subramanyam, K. Satyaprasad



Power-based connectivity is a recent research topic in ad hoc networks. Implementing power control mechanisms is essential to enhance the lifetime of the network, and also to improve the throughput, find cost-effective routes and spatial reuse. In this paper, MAC protocol is used for implementing coordination functions and power-control mechanisms using fuzzy rules. Fuzzy rules are generated by upper layers of the network layer using two input variables such as link quality and node-neighborhood count, and optimal power-consumption level as the output variable. Experimental results using fuzzy rules are compared with DSR routing and simple two-hop power control methods. Results showed that two-hop power control with fuzzy-logic method yields lower route discovery time, increased cache replies, minimum simulation time and end-to-end delay when compared to DSR routing and two-hop routing protocol.


Keywords: Power control, medium access control (MAC), energy saving, fuzzy logic, ad hoc networks

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