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Rectenna Design with Defect Ground Structure at 2.16 GHz

Shailendra Singh Ojha, P. K. Singhal, Anshul Agarawal, Akhilesh Gupta



This paper presents the rectenna design for Wireless Power Transmission. The design would receive and convert microwave of 2.16 GHz to DC. Proposed rectenna is a combination of microstrip patch antenna, followed by stepped impedance filter and then matching circuit and rectifier circuit. A low-pass filter (LPF) at the input port of the rectifying circuit is used to suppress the high order harmonics. The IE3D software is used for the simulation of this structure.


Keywords: defect ground structure (DGS),wireless microwave power transmission (WMPT), rectagular microstrip patch antenna(RMPA), rectenna, wireless power transmission(WPT), low pass filter (LPF), IE3D software.

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