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A Planar Monopole Antenna for L-Band Applications

Anshul Agarwal, P. K. Singhal, Shailendra Singh Ojha, Akhilesh Kumar Gupta



This paper presents a square monopole antenna for L-band application, it is designed to be used in a 879 MHz–2113 MHz frequency bands. It is printed on dielectric substrate of FR4 glass epoxy with relative permittivity (ɛr) of 4.3, thickness of 1.6 mm, a square monopole antenna (aluminium sheet) is mounted on half ground plane via a single feeding strip. Prototypes of these configurations were manufactured and measured in frequency range 0–2.5 GHz. Experimental and simulation results is calculated using computer simulation technology (CST).


Keywords: square monopole antenna, wideband monopole antenna, L-band monopole antenna

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