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Microstrip Leaky-Wave Antenna with Reduced Ground Plane

Priyank Sharma, P. K. Singhal




This paper is aimed to find the microstrip leaky-wave antenna. The above antenna has become interesting due to its simple shape and geometry. This paper uses a reduced ground plane which can improve the bandwidth of the proposed antenna. This antenna has been simulated on CST-microwave suit software and got fabricated on PCB. The simulated measurements show that the proposed antenna achieves an operating bandwidth of 800 MGHz for a 10-dB return loss and is optimized to the lowest return loss at central frequency 1.2 GHz. From theoretical analysis, it should be appreciated that as the relative dielectric constant of the substrate approaches 1, the LWA bandwidth becomes much wider, improving its performance. In this paper, we present the result of an investigation of a reduced ground plane of LWA with the aim of producing wider bandwidth and sufficient return loss also improves radiation efficiency of the proposed antenna.


Keywords: Reduced ground plane, microstrip leaky-wave antenna (MLWA)

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