Classrooms of 2020

Anil Kakran, Subhanshu Gupta, P. Thareja



This work envisions the profile of future classrooms, circa 2020. The idea is to sketch the horizon for its growth by keeping in mind the current and future trends in technology vis-à-vis the objectives of learning. Future education system will be completely revamped and there will be a need to redesign our classroom in accordance with technological advancements. Technology is a powerful means to enhance our abilities, to think, to learn, to communicate and to use our brains creatively and logically. Use of technology in learning proved to be a boon and a solution to the problems in this fast learning environment. No doubt that technology can transforms traditional classrooms into digital smart classrooms, but to what extent it interfaces with the probable or real developments remains to be seen. Further will these digital smart classrooms provide best learning environment, which is need of 2020 education system.


Keywords: ICT: Information and Communication Technology, Virtual Reality, Harkness Discussion Method, competency and Attitude, IFC (innovation, futuristic vision and challenge)

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