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Assessment of various Biometric Techniques

Rahul Kaushal


In this day and age, information security is a noteworthy issue; there are various strategies to anchor information or forestall unapproved get to biometrics is a quickly developing innovation that is as a rule generally utilized in forensics, security; avoid unapproved access in bank or ATMs. There are various types of biometrics currently being incorporated with innovation stages. As biometric innovation develops there will be an expanding cooperation among the market, innovation, and the applications. This cooperation will be impacted by the additional estimation of the innovation, client acknowledgment, and the validity of the specialist organization. In this paper, we present a short presentation of biometric system applications, and we have contemplated and analyzed five biometric strategies along seven elements.

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Rahul Kaushal. Assessment of Various Biometric Techniques. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2018; 8(3): 18–23p.


Biometric techniques, recognition, verification, identification

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