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Productivity Measurement of Academic Institutes: An AHP Approach

Sushanta Tripathy



In the long run, an organization will only perform excellently when it succeeds in balancing all the needs of its stakeholders. Long-term success requires customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn is based on fulfilling the needs of the organization through an appropriate performance measurement model. Therefore, there is an ardent need to evaluate the performance of the management institutes in a state like Orissa, where burgeon of technical/management institutes hasled to a fall in the standard of technical education. Hence this study has been undertaken to find out the different aspects of a management institute to be focused upon & to measure the productivity of different management institutes with regard to those different aspects. For the above purpose an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) model has been used to evaluate the performance of the six management institutes in southern part of Orissa. Different criteria affecting the performance evaluation of the management institutes are considered and it is observed that qualitative and quantities resultshave the maximum impact in this evaluation process with the highest priority value. Based on these criteria, the performance of six management institutes are evaluated and subsequently ranked.



Performance Evaluation, Management Institute, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

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