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A Unique Approach for Disc Encryption Based on Data Matrix

Areeba Ramzan, Hifsa Mobeen


The number of cloud users is growing due to contemporary facilities and technology. The Internet and cloud computing are the most often used categories nowadays. User privacy is a concern in cloud computing. Various approaches are being used to protect the data from intruders. This article uses a key to protect data that is comparable to plain text. The plain text and the key are partitioned into a matrix with different row and column sizes as the key matrix. When the size of two simple matrices is different. To encrypt the data, many formulae have been devised. It identifies the equation and encrypts it further by adding it to the disc equation. This method can be simply calculated to adjust the matrix where the character-specific values are supplied, and the data may be encrypted and decrypted. After the article, a comparison of other papers is presented, and the paper is concluded based on suggested work, with the discussion of how the proposed work differs from prior ones.


Hill cipher, cryptography,cipher text, encryption, decryption, matrix

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