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The Role of Advanced Wireless Technologies in the Evolution of 5G and Beyond

B. M. Rajesh, Mahasuwetha K., Vidharshana M., Sangami M. R.


The advent of 5th-generation wireless technology has ushered in notable improvements in efficiency and speed, promising significant advancements in the wireless tech domain. The demand for 5G is on the rise, driven by factors like a burgeoning user base, high-speed requirements, intricate receiver systems, and more. While 4G is currently available, the continuous influx of users and devices is gradually saturating the 4G spectrum, making the need for 5G technology increasingly apparent. Several countries, including the United States, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, and China, have already embraced cellular and telecommunications technologies, and experts continue to develop this cutting-edge technology.


5th generation wireless technology, networking, massive MIMO, spectrum, full duplex, millimeter waves, beam forming

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