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Future Trends in Cloud Computing for Efficient Data Management Services

Sai Durga Turangi, Manas Kumar Yogi


This study explores the evolving landscape of cloud computing and its impact on efficient data management, focusing on key trends, technologies, and paradigms that will shape the future of data management in the cloud. It delves into infrastructure evolution, scalable data storage, data processing and analytics, security and compliance, and emerging technologies as essential dimensions Furthermore, it explores the collaborative potential between cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), emphasizing the cloud's function in facilitating scalable, secure, and effective management of IoT data. The study also examines how the combination of Blockchain technology and cloud computing enhances data tracking accuracy, transparency, and security across various domains. Furthermore, it explores the pivotal role of cloud computing in managing trained deep learning models for online and distributed analytics applications, emphasizing rapid loading and switching to optimize efficiency. The challenges and considerations in each context are addressed, and future directions in these domains are outlined.


Cloud, data, management, AWS, Amazon

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