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Water Level Detection and Auto-cutoff

Satyam Mishra, Sandeep Kumawat, Rohandeep ., Kshitij Garg, Devendra Nath Pathak


The focus of this study is to explore Internet of Things and implement it to overcome a daily and reallife challenge. Additionally, we will talk about potential barriers to development. Throughout the study, we would cover the concept of Internet of Things, dealing with the definitions given in the past. We would also talk about the basic communication models of IoT (Internet of Technology) Devices. Moreover, we would consider a real-life problem, which is encountered by almost every person and the problem which may be against sustainable development in the future. Further, we would talk about a possible solution to the problem using the technology. Towards the end, we would be knowing the challenges in the sector and the future scope of the technology and the project. The study would lead to a strengthened concept of Internet of Technology as well as an idea of how a challenge can be overcome by the technology. The Internet of Things does, however, also come with challenges that could prevent its potential benefits from being fulfilled. Catchy headlines regarding the Internet-connected devices being hacked, surveillance issues and privacy concerns have already attracted people’s interests. Technical challenges must be overcome in addition to extra policy, legal, and development issues.


IoT, communication models, technology, devices, Bluetooth

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