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Cryptography of 5th Generation Network Security Attacks in D2D Communication: A Review

Sohail Ahmad


Cryptography is the science for hiding the secret information. Cryptography is a technique/method that allows data to be sent in a secret and a secure form. In the present era, 5G technology is the most prominent technology in the network domain. However, it was said to be available in 2020, but still there are many views of expected features, benefits, and threats in 5G. 5G is a promising technology that will help in higher connectivity and D2D communication. It will improve all existing technologies. We can expect that in future, 5G technology will face some challenges in terms of security attacks and privacy issues. D2D communication is one of the key components of 5G. In this study, the researcher describes the security attacks of 5G which commonly occur in Device-to-Device communication. Security attacks must be there in all kinds of communication, especially when it comes to a wireless communication. This study is based on the review of current work which has addressed the challenges of 5G technology and security attacks in D2D communication.


Device to device, man in the middle, denial of service, cryptography, generations, security

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