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Smart Waste Segregation Using IOT

Bhushan Khanavkar, Shubham Bhonkar, Riddhi Bhonkar, Dipti Patil


In India, the production of waste is increasing due to population growth and urbanization, leading to pollution. Therefore, it is crucial to discover effective ways of managing waste. A proposed strategy involves the segregation of different types of waste. To implement this, sensors are utilized to identify organic waste, dry waste, and wet waste in the garbage bin. The waste is then sorted on a conveyor belt, with organic waste directed to a separate area, while dry and wet waste is separated using a soil density sensor. This approach ensures efficient and sustainable waste management. Additionally, sensors can be employed to distinguish between wet and dry conditions. The IR sensor detects the object's position during the process, while moisture sensors identify the type of waste based on its moisture content. This proper sorting enables the waste to be placed in the appropriate bins, resulting in reduced levels of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and methane, as well as hazardous waste. Moreover, it reduces the need for manual labour.


Arduino NANO, rain drop sensor, servo motor, IR sensor

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