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Automatic IoT Based Agricultural Assistant

K. Yuvaraj, T. U. Deenadhayalan, K. Gowtham, L. Harshitha


AbstractDuring the main objective is to assist the farmers to improve agricultural practices using the image processing technique. Increasing population requires the food production to be increased which requires better cultivation in the form of proper utilization fertilizers. The objective of autonomous agribot is to effectively utilize the resources and to reduce labour work. By developing this robotic vehicle with its multitasking agricultural features, farmer can cultivate irrespective of the conditions based on its optimal parameters resulting in a profitable job. Image processing has been proved to be effective tool for analysis in various fields and applications of an agriculture sector. The responsibility of controlling and managing the plant growth from early stage to mature harvest stage involves monitoring and identification of plant diseases, controlled irrigation and optimal use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Keywords – Image Processing, Raspberry pi, Agribot, Internet of things, Arduino

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Yuvaraj K, Deenadhayalan TU, Gowtham K, Harshitha L. Automatic IoT Based Agricultural Assistant. Current Trends in Information Technology. 2019; 9(2): 1–4p.

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