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Ankit Kumar R Mishra, Atul Mishra


In this paper we discuss about how Artificial Intelligence can be used to accomplish food difficulties that are one of the most basic need today. With more than 7 billion of population, it has becoming impossible to feed them day-to-day. No wonder that AI in agriculture is a healthy booster to this vexed condition. There have been vast growths in the field of agriculture in the past, and we can harvest more food than ever. But this increasing rate of population makes it tough for present food production procedures to fulfill the need of such an enormous population. This issue needs new and improved technological advancements like AI to indulge in agriculture. In the recent times, with necessities of the better harvest of crops, AI has begun as a tool that authorizes farmers in monitoring, forecasting, as well as optimizing the crop growth. Attempting pests, weeds, and diseases, observing farm animal along with soil and crop management are some of the stab areas in agriculture industry where the use of AI technology can pay rich surpluses.

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