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Effect of EM Wave from Mobile Phone on Skin Depth in Human Blood, Bone and Muscle

M. Usha Rani, V.S.S.N. Srinivasa Baba, Srivalli Gundala


Cell phone technology has become an integral part of day to day life and it is used not only for voice messages but also for high resolution pictures and mainly the use of Internet. When cell phones are placed near to human body, the EM radiations emitted from the phone penetrate deep inside the body. The present paper investigations have been made to estimate skin depth of electromagnetic radiations inside human blood, muscle and bone as a function of frequency for different cellular frequency bands, 800–900 MHz, 1800–1900 MHz and 2300–2450 MHz, respectively. Results are obtained for different conductivities, resistivity values, and permeability at the above frequency bands for blood, muscle and bone and are presented in this paper.

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Usha Rani M, Srinivasa Baba VSSN, Srivalli Gundala. Effect of EM Wave from Mobile Phone on Skin Depth in Human Blood, Bone and Muscle. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2017; 7(3): 16–20p.



Cell phone, EM radiations, skin depth, human blood, bone, muscle

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